Our Friendship is Broken…

Though your words weren’t spoken.

The message you sent, very clearly…

It made me weak and weary.

So, why should I hide…?

…and keep inside..!

I want you to know…

Though it may not show.

You are not the Girl…

You were said to be,

                                                 So now you mean nothing to me.

The day after day since your leaving…

Are actually quite relieving.

I needed you for all the time…

Was happy to call you mine.

You are out of my life..

It hurt me first but now I’m alright.

You are a lier,I Won’t believe you anymore…

It’s over now, and now I’ve closed all my doors.

I do admit,that the times we spent together were great…

But now you are grown into something…

Something I can only hate..!

So go away now, from my mind…

I am leaving you Behind.

I don’t need you anymore…

I feel better now…

When I am Happy off Alone….!!


Zindagi Ko Apni.. Phir Se Zindaa Banana Hai….


Zindagi Nahin Hai Asaan..

Darrr Lagta Hai Mujhko..

Kuch Uljhano Mein Fasaa Hua Hun….

Jaise Samundar Mein Kho Gaya Hun…

Par.. Zindaa Hun Main.. Maraa Nahin Hun..

Badaa to Ho Gaya Hun..

Chalna Bhi Seekh Lia Hai..

Par Sahi Raasto Par Chalna..

Abhi Bhi Sikh Raha Hun..

Us Manzil Ki Talaash Mein Abhi Bhi Bhatak Raha Hun..

Kyunki.. Zindaa Hun Ma.. Maraa Nahin Hun..

Pyaar Bhi Mane Kar Liya Hai Jii Bharkar..

Aur Kho Bhi Diya Apni Buri KIsmat Samajhkar..

Par Phr Bhi Pyar Abhi Zinda Hai Dil Mein..

Kyunki.. Zinda Hun Main.. Maraa Nahin Hun..

Jarurat Hai Mujhe.. Uske Pyar Ki..

Par Wo Mere Pyar Ke Kaabil Nahin..

Uske Sahare Se Acha..

To Ab Girna Lagta Hai..

Kyunki Mere Zindaa Hone Ka Yeh..

Ehsaas Dilaata Hai….


Apne Dil Ko Apne Paas Rakhna Hai..

Ab To Mujhe Bhi Kuch Karna Hai..

Zindagi Mein Mujhko Bhi Ab Lamba Safar Tay Karna Hai..

Zindagi Ko Apni.. Ab Zindaa Banana Hai..

Pankh Lagakar Phr Se..

Aasmaan Mein Udd Jaana Hai..

Aankho Ki Umeed Ko Zinda Rakhkar..

Mann Ke Sapno Ko Poora Karna Hai..

Zindaa Hun Main..

Ab Mujhe Bhi Ye Sabko Bataana Hai..

Galti Ki Thi Mere Pyaar Ne..

Usse Bhi Ye Jataana Hai..

Kyunki.. Zindaa Hun Main..

Usse Bhi to ye Bataana Hai..

Dard Ko Khushi Mein Badalna Hai..

Majburi Ko Khwaishon Se Milana Hai..

Zindagi Ko Apni.. Phir Se Zindaa Banana Hai….


Hello world!

Hello World….!!

This Blog Is just a Means to share my Thoughts.. my Feelings and my Perception…..

About My Experiences in Life….  about Being Happy in Worst Situations.. Keeping A Smile on the Face Even if it Meant acting Stupid..!! 🙂

And Its all about Making And Living The Life Beautifully….!!

This is all about My Thoughts.. My Feelings.. and My Perception..